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The past few days have been pretty difficult for me. I couldn’t think of a good blog topic for today. Actually, that’s not true. I have a whole list of topics written down but I just haven’t had the oomph to write about any of them.

This blog is called bare wood – the unvarnished truth, so I’m going to expose the bareness of my wood just a bit.

I think I’m falling into a bit of a depression. I continue to take medication every day, but the color is starting to drain from the grass and the trees and the world around me. My sweet babies seem less and less sweet each day. I can’t fall asleep without pharmaceutical assistance and I don’t want to get up in the morning.

I’m terrified of my own children. I did a rotten job with my first two and I am certain I am and will continue to do a rotten job with the twins. I am impatient and self-absorbed much of the time. It is so hard to manage both of them at once. The thing I’m crying about most often now is that I know it doesn’t get better. Everyone tells me it does but I know that’s not true. It gets different but it doesn’t get better. Crying babies are replaced by tantrum-throwing toddlers who are replaced by defiant kids who are replaced by sullen tweens who are replaced by obnoxious rebellious teens who are replaced by unfocused, irresponsible young adults. I consider all of that to be largely my fault. If I’d been a better parent maybe they wouldn’t have gone along this particular path.

Worse for them is that my mother passed along her mental illness to me and I passed it along to my oldest son. Have I passed it along to the twins too? How irresponsible was it of me to have them knowing about this possibility? I can’t live with more children trying hard to commit suicide and self-medicating with drugs. I know it seems foolish to look that far into the future with Peanut Butter and Jelly but how can I not? I’m faced with the future every day because I know what comes next. I have fantasies of doing everything right this time but that’s just delusional.

Right now the boys seem to be going through a growth spurt, so my already insufficient milk supply is even more insufficient. I nurse and nurse and nurse but they are still hungry. They are beginning to refuse to nurse because it doesn’t come fast enough. I know this will worsen my supply issues even more. They are also barely sleeping during the day and never both at once. The house is going to hell and I can’t manage to get dinner cooked. So here I am failing at feeding my own children and failing to feed my husband or do anything. He’s going to wonder soon what the hell he’s doing supporting me when I can’t even take care of the house. I keep crying throwing up my food because I feel so stressed out.

I know what you’ll say: Get some help. When do I do that? I have a therapist I was seeing regularly before the boys were born but how am I supposed to go see her now? I have to have someone (my MIL or SIL or mom usually) come babysit and what do I tell them about where I’m going? I don’t want them to know. Plus, I don’t even know what to say to the therapist. I feel like shit. Now what?

I’ll probably come out of this after a while. I get nervous about how long it will last but mostly that’s up to me. I need to stop wallowing and just get the hell up and go on. My husband says he thinks depression is mostly about being too inward focused, which is a result of being selfish and self-absorbed. That’s why I never tell him about how I feel. I don’t want him to think that about me. And I often think he’s right. Yes, there is probably some real neurological problem that makes me more prone to cycles of depression and mania but isn’t it up to me, in the end, to take control of myself? Maybe I’ll find the energy to do that after a while. Right now I just don’t have it.


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  1. Jenny…listen to me.
    Get help.
    You don’t have to feel this way.
    I know that it’s hard to make time to seek help but you have to. YOU HAVE TO.
    You can make up something like “I have female problems” or “I have a consultation with a lactation expert”…they don’t need to know but you have to get help.
    These thoughts aren’t healthy. The depression is making you think and belief very hurtful things about yourself. You are a good mom. YOU ARE A GOOD MOM.
    You need to be well friend. I’m very concerned about you. Please reach out and get help. I’m always here for you ok. You need to talk???? You can email or tweet me..xoxox

  2. I am still seeing doctors for my postpartum depression but I don’t like to advertise it at work, so I just say I have a doctor appointment. It’s true. And that is all they need to know.

    You are not a failure. You are not failing at feeding your children. It is hard to nurse one, I am in absolutel awe of any woman that tries to breastfeed two. Awe. There are so many things that can affect supply…so many.

    You are not failing your husband. And his thoughts on depression are WRONG!!!!!!!!! It is a medical condition that needs treatment, just like diabetes, a broken arm…needs treatment. You are not weak for that or failing. The more help you get the stronger your WHOLE family will be. I am also sad that I have inherited a tendancy toward depression, and that my girls may have it as well, but the best thing I can do for them is to get help. Help so I can be a good mama for them and help so if they do struggle in the future, they will know it is okay to get treatment so I can be well.

    You are not a failure. That is the depression talking. Around #ppdchat on twitter we call her Velma. Tell her to shut up. She is a dirty rotten liar.

    You are worth the time it takes to get help. You are worth whatever investment has to be made.

    Please reach out. You can e-mail me, signing_charity at yahoo dot com or on twitter at @signingcharity

  3. You’re not wallowing and you certainly can’t just “get up and go” it sounds like you are suffering postpartum depression. Hues I am going to say get help. Forget about the babysitter and just bring your kids to the appt. The doc will be fine. I’ve done it plenty. Go today. I know it feels like you don’t have time but you can do it. Also I know it’s so hard to share this kind of struggle with others but you’d be surprised how many other moms get it and have been there. Can you try to share with your mom MIL SIL or friends. It could help even if you least expect it. From one mom who’s been there, hugs.

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