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An Invitation to Play #1

I’ve discovered a few neat sites with all sorts of learning-play ideas for little kids. They often call them “invitations to play”. Most are too advanced for my munchkins but I’ve been thinking about how to use the idea for my pre-walking still-put-everything-in-their-mouths somewhat-delayed-skills guys.

I had a little brainstorm last night. Some time ago I filled an empty water bottle with different types of beans. They aren’t all that interested in it. I think it’s too heavy for them to really play with it, and they don’t have the rolling thing down pat yet.

I thought it might be interesting to use the beans in a familiar item in a way that would be new and unexpected. I filled one sippy cup with water, and another with beans. Of course, I checked to be sure none of the little beans could come popping through the straw.

Two sippy cups

One of these sippy cups is not like the other

At first, Peanut butter was a lot more interested in the camera than the sippy cups.

Peanut Butter grabs the camera

Peanut Butter grabs the camera

It was funny to watch them try to drink the beans, shake the cup, drink the water, and then try to drink the beans again.


This one is different from the other

shaking it

Check out the noise this makes when I shake it!

I want it

If you have it, I want it

Drinking Beans

I’ll drink the water; you drink the beans

Pinterest, of course, has lots of pins for invitations to play. Many of them are far too advanced for the boys, but I’m certainly keeping bookmarks for future reference.